My elementary years were filled with music and fun. I was an avid soccer player, always traveling on the weekend for tournament games or racing home to practice the violin (which was a huge kick starting force for my future musical endeavors) then settling down with The Hungry Caterpillar that my mom would read to me before bedtime. I was also in the Chess Club, which I don't tell many people.... you're welcome. 

Middle school-- well, it's middle school. Insecurities, braces, converse with song lyrics written all over them, passing notes in classes, laying my violin down to rest, joining choir instead, MCing talent shows, getting teddy bears from cute boys, getting elected as Student Government VP (foreshadowing), awkward dances and more sports with an increasing interest in basketball, which unfortunately, due to the fact I stopped growing in middle school, never really worked out . In all honesty, middle school was probably my prime.

To keep this brief, in high school I had some failures and some successes in different forms. I had moved from Arizona to Indiana so my freshman year I set out to make friends because I knew absolutely no one. High school in Carmel, Indiana was probably nothing like high school would have been in Arizona. However, I do believe I would have had some similar opportunities. Who knows who I would have turned out to be. 

Most notably, I learned to think in high school and I learned how to meet people. I learned I had a knack for creative things and was able to become friends with a wide variety of people because I simply liked being around them. I definitely formed a rebellious side, and also a serious side. I'd skip lunch sometimes to go sit in the library and write down my dreams or my thoughts and think myself a brilliant thinker! (I had no idea what I was thinking...)  then on the weekends I'd meet up with friends of friends from MySpace and listen to 'emo' tunes. I formed best friends, played Varsity softball, had photography published and got an in school suspension for forgery, so I really was able to practice art too.

Those were the days.

College turned to be a similar experience, with incredible opportunities, great people and great adventures. I attended Purdue University, which I consider one of the greatest universities on the planet. My first year, I joined the sorority house Kappa Alpha Theta. This community would prove both a challenge and a blessing. I will never forget all of the girls I got to meet and live with. I will never forget the challenges of growing up and following this God inside a big empty lonely house, while everyone was out drinking at the frats. So I'd just join them the next night then crawl back to my beliefs, which were mushy and confusing. In college I learned to be lonely. In high school I wasn't really fashioned to be a 'very involved' person. I enjoyed time as it came and learned lessons as they came as well.