Compiling information, pictures & documents.... hard work. At times, not only do I feel like I am way in over my head with this project, but I feel like it's been taking a toll on my thoughts and at times the mental stability of my sanity. See, when one sets out to tell a story there very well may be a distance that they are able to have from the project--other times, the project is a reflection of something that the storyteller or artist has been through. It may be molded--meddled with--in some way, yet it still has the capability of hitting very sore spots from the past, present and of course, the future. 

I think that's where I find myself right now.

There's parts of my story I don't feel connect. There's parts that I worry shouldn't be told. There's parts that are so personal, that I cannot disconnect them from the creative urgency in which I wish to tell them.  At the end of compiling a list of contacts to seek for fundraising and adding to the Story outline, I feel popped. THEN I have to get ready for 'real' work with my 'actual' paying job which usually runs into the early morning hours. Luckily, tonight I am only scheduled to midnight, but last night/this morning I didn't even fall asleep until 7am. Anyway, the fight goes on to share this story and include and bring people in from all over the world to share in the beauty of life and share in the importance of looking after our little ones that roam this planet. Back to work! 


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