And so it begins...

The last couple weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I've gone back and forth in my mind about 1000 times about whether this film is worth pursuing or not. For various reasons, I've been terrified to keep working, but have incredible support from friends and the guys at Grassroots. I have always wanted to share this story, but I wasn't expected an opportunity to arise so quickly. With only two months to plan, this will be quite the adventure indeed! 

Thanks to those following this story and taking part in helping it become a reality. Although the film will be short ( ha--short film) it has the potential to grow with it's many layers. I do know this will not be an easy road (as it already hasn't been!) but I'm looking forward to all the mini-stories we all have and how we are all connected. Thanks for the many prayers and the push to share something with the world.


Lexi HilandComment