I am Home, I am I am!

I'm home in Indiana spending some time compiling old family footage and pictures. I've got a few days here to get the Kickstarter video completely finished and to launch before I head up to Purdue to spend some time with friends before they graduate (And, yes for Grand Prix--our big go kart race and week full of socially-fun events!) 

I'm spoken with a couple close friends at home about this project and they are all the more encouraging to keep pushing along until otherwise it seems that there is a dead end with the story. I've prayed many a prayer that all falls together well. Easter service after surprising my mom was so emotionally filled that I could hardly stare at the giant wooden cross with a white sheet hanging from it's body. There's something about realizing that the deed has been done. That all humanity and life is offered love and freedom that really drives me to continuing to work on this project. Many things to do before I head up to school..

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