"Circles Of Change" Interview

The first few days of campaigning have been so rewarding; from connecting with strangers who believe in this film, to watching friends contribute, to the positive response via social media outlets. Thank you all for the feedback about the video, the story and the campaign in general. We are all soaking it in! Now onto the UPDATE....

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Lexi had the honor of being hosted on a session called "Circles of Change" with the Larsen Group based in Tuscon, Arizona.  Click on the audio block below to hear the podcast on the short film, advice for future filmmakers and the journey Lexi is going to embark on. 

"Circles of Change with Dr. Zara Larsen:
Where Your Path Is Created
By Walking On It"

The Larsen Group: http://www.thelarsengroup.com/circlesofchangeradio/showoverview.html

Click below to listen! 

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