My sophomore year I joined a program called Old Masters, in which prestigious alumni are brought back to campus. Myself and four other students hosted a man named Bob Peterson around campus ( Ever heard of the talking dog Dug from Up? Yep, that's Bob. Well, his voice. Or wait-- the slimy old lady in Monster's Inc.. "Wheeere's your paperworkkkk Mike Wizowskiii?" That's him too.) It was a riot having a director, animator and writer from Pixar be your friend.

He sat us all down one day and said, "Listen if you ever want to hear any of my voices, just ask." Of course we all wanted to hear, "You are my master, and I love you" in that adorable Dug voice as often as possible. As a film major I was in awe. His presentations in classes were wonderful, and he was a great guy & family man. It gave me hope that Hollywood wasn't such a bad place! The following year I became one of the twelve who ended up planning the next year's program and we set out to embark on choosing the 50 students as hosts and the 10 Old Masters to be hosted. Through a pile of applicants and a 10 hour meeting, we finally had chosen our next years alumni.  I met a man named Leonard Cox. At this time, I had been getting more involved with film and declared it my degree (ironically attending a science and engineering driven research school)  and was interested in getting to know Leonard since his profession was documentary film work and communications. I sent him an e-mail one day and the rest is history. Meaning, he became a dear friend and mentor. We had communicated through e-mail through out the whole program. He sent me postacards from his vacation spots, and I sent him many thanks. Upon the end of the three day program, I hesitantly walked up to him and asked if he may be able to help with a summer internship for the following summer. He said of course, and would e-mail me with some options.